World Weather Attribution

The World Weather Attribution (WWA) initiative, which now operates independently of Climate Central, can be found here.

Since 2015 the World Weather Attribution (WWA) initiative has been conducting real-time attribution analysis of extreme weather events as they happen around the world. This provides the public, scientists and decision-makers with the means to make clear connections between greenhouse gas emissions and impactful extreme weather events, such as storms, floods, heat waves and droughts.

We are researching and developing the necessary scientific tools and methodologies to perform timely and robust assessments of whether and to what extent human-induced climate change played a role in the magnitude and frequency of extreme weather events, and provide this information when and where it is needed.

WWA has made real and significant advances in isolating the climate signal in the aftermath of extreme weather events that have had costly impacts in both  developed and developing countries and the partners in the initiative are at the forefront of this emerging scientific field. WWA is a collaboration with leading scientific partners from the University of Oxford Environmental Change Institute (ECI), the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climate et de l’Environment (LSCE), Princeton University, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate Centre (RCCC). Climate Central, who previously provided the secretariat for the initiative is no longer involved in WWA.